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Payment of the booking deposit creates a legally binding Contract between The Property’s Owner, Eversleigh
Investment and Property Company Limited, hereinafter referred to as “The Owner”, and the person or
organisation whose name appears on the booking form and/or pays the booking deposit, hereinafter referred to as
”The Guest”, who agrees to take full responsibility for ensuring that all of the following Conditions of Let are
adhered to by all members of the party.
The Property referred to is the house and grounds known as The Old Tweed Mill, Ullapool.



1. A booking may be made by The Guest completing the online booking form or agreeing dates, rent and details
of their party by email with The Owner followed by payment of a booking deposit equal to 30% of the agreed

2. A booking will be accepted on a provisional basis when 1. is completed apart from making payment of the
booking deposit. It will be held for up to 7 days pending receipt of the booking deposit as cleared funds in The
Owner’s bank account when it becomes a confirmed booking and a legally binding contract. Until the booking
is confirmed, it can be cancelled at any time without prior notice and the property made available again for a
new booking.

3. The balance of the rental charge plus a £500 “good housekeeping deposit” shall be paid no later than six weeks
before the start of the holiday. The good housekeeping deposit is repayable, subject to inspection and any
resulting deduction, within 10 working days of departure.

4. If a booking is made less than six weeks before the start of the holiday the agreed rent and the good
housekeeping deposit are payable in full at the time of booking.

5. Failure to pay any rental charges when due will result in the owner treating the booking as cancelled and
making The Property available again for a new booking.

6. A confirmed booking, being a legally binding contract, can only be amended by agreement between The
Owner and The Guest in writing.

7. A booking confers the right to occupy The Property as holiday accommodation by a maximum of 12 people
(including children) plus up to two infants under 2 years occupying baby cots, unless by prior written permission
from The Owner.


8. Cancellation of the booking by The Guest must be made in writing to The Owner:

Eversleigh Investment and Property Company Limited
124 Great North Road
Hertfordshire AL9 5JN

or may be sent by email to:

9. If The Owner is able to relet The Property at the same rent a full refund less an administration fee of £50 will be

made of all monies paid. The Owner, at its sole discretion, may offer the property at a reduced rent in order to
secure a replacement booking and if successful a partial refund will be made such that in total The Owner receives
the agreed rent plus an administration fee of £50 from the cancelled booking and the replacement booking taken
together and refunds any excess. If The Owner does not succeed in re-letting the property no refund will be
made. To safeguard against cancellation charges or other unforeseen eventualities guests are
recommended to arrange their own holiday insurance.

10. Should The Property, subsequent to booking, become unavailable through any cause beyond The Owner’s
reasonable control, The Owner’s liability is limited to the repayment of any rent already paid.


11. Pets are allowed at The Property subject to The Owner's prior agreement. All pets must be house trained and
the number and type of pet must not exceed what was agreed at the time of booking, otherwise a breach of
contract will be deemed to have taken place.

12. Pets must not be left unaccompanied in The Property at any time, must be kept off the furniture and be
limited to the ground floor. The Guest shall be liable for all damage caused by his/her pet or any pet
belonging to The Guest's party. Owners are expected to 'poop scoop’ in the grounds and on the pebble
beach. A charge will be made to the good housekeeping deposit for any additional internal or external
cleaning required. The Owner cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury to a pet during its stay.


13. Every effort will be made to make The Property available from 4 pm on the day of arrival. The Property must
be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure. Late departure will result in an additional charge being made
which will be taken from the good housekeeping deposit. Information about keys and how to collect them will
be provided once full payment has been received.


14. Responsibility for personal property of guests occupying The Property is solely theirs. All vehicles are brought
onto The Property and left there at the guests’ risk. Guests agree to absolve The Owner of any responsibility for
any accident or mishap to persons or property whilst on the premises or whilst engaged in any activity therein,
or from any illness or injury arising from any cause whatsoever.

15. Children must be supervised at all times. In particular The Guest’s attention is drawn to The Property’s location
beside open water.


16. The Guest agrees to use The Property solely as self-catering accommodation and accepts The Owner’s right to
refuse to hand over the property to any person deemed unsuitable to take charge. Causing a nuisance or
disturbance to neighbours or unreasonable behaviour by any member of The Guest’s party may result in The
Owner asking all guests to leave.

17. The Guest agrees to allow The Owner or its agents access to the property at all reasonable times.

18. The Guest agrees to shut and lock all exterior doors and ground floor windows and to secure the property
when absent or sleeping.

19. The Guest agrees to respect and look after The Property during their stay and to leave The Property clean and
tidy with all furniture and equipment as provided, to take responsibility for minimising any fire risk and to use
electricity and the central heating at the minimum level required, particularly when not present at The Property.


20. The Guest shall not sub-let or re-assign the property to another person or persons without the owners’ written

21. The Property is to be used for the purposes of a holiday let to which Section12 (2) and paragraph 8 of
Schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 apply. The booking contract confers a right to occupy the
accommodation for the agreed period only.

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